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First Fuck of the Year! Presented by FUXEDO

  • Muchmore's 2 Havemeyer Street Brooklyn, NY, 11211 United States (map)

"Now usually I don't do this but uhhh..."
-R. Kelly

This is somewhat uncharted territory for Fuxedo, so bare with us here. This is our first show we have ever hosted, and quite possibly the first fuck we have given this new year...if not our lives.

So please, come join us for this historic event. An event for the ages. An event that people will remember for the rest of their lives. An event filled with sooo many fucks, that supplies won't last! So hurry up and clear your schedules, do your dishes, and cancel dinner with the family. Fucks will be flying off the shelves! We will practically be giving them away, so hurry up before all fucks are gone! 

Because one day, when your all old and'll be able to tell your kids that you were there. For that one special night. The night Fuxedo gave a fuck. 

And if your minds aren't absolutely blown at this point, hold onto something...

To show you that we don't give a fuck about making money, please bring some cash with you and place whatever you can in our "Bucket of Fucks" that will be at the door. ALL MONEY will be DONATED to Planned Parenthood!!!! But by doing this, we've also proven that we DO give a fuck! Or do we? We don't know?!?! YOU be the judge! 

Performing that night:


Will Martinez

(Stand up)

Another Improv Team

(Giving fucks)